Student Support  Our community needs the best and most talented men and women to commit to leadership and service, but financial worries can prevent excellent students from joining us. With your support, we are able to offer full or partial scholarships to all our students, and helping our students will remain a key priority.
Teaching  It is our belief that the best scholars and teachers should be supported by the community to enable them to teach the new generation of scholars. CMC has recruited three new full-time lecturers who started at the College in September 2017. Your contribution to teaching will ensure that we can recruit the most talented teachers.
Research  at the College is in the forefront of achieving a genuine and substantive dialogue between the intellectual traditions of Islam and the West. Former Research Fellows are working at many leading universities and the College will continue to prioritise this crucial area of its work.
Buildings & Site Development  To accommodate the College’s growing activities, it will need to extend its facilities. With an Islamic loan, we have jointly purchased a nearby building in partnership with a generous supporter. We are planning to construct a new building on our existing site.