Tasawur Hussain, Alumnus 2017  

“Cambridge Muslim College was a pivotal phase in my life during which students like myself were given the tools to align our studies of classical Islamic thought with contemporary discussions and ideas. This challenging yet intellectually stimulating and exhilarating experience has aided me in all areas of my studies and will continue to do so. I firmly believe that the College will continue to succeed in catering for the needs of upcoming generations and suitably equip them to become effective British Muslims.”

Sajjad Shah, Alumnus 2015  “My year at Cambridge Muslim College has to be considered one of the most productive, enjoyable, mentally challenging and intensive years of my life. The wide range of subjects the Diploma offers are much needed to overcome the hurdles of life as a Muslim in the UK. Through my experiences at CMC I have grown in confidence and am more aware of the struggles and challenges that face us. I can whole heatedly say that the Diploma exceeded all of my expectations and I was privileged to meet some truly wonderful people. I left CMC with a heavy heart, yet through the efforts of Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad and all the staff, I left with an open mind.”

Mohammed Hammad, Alumnus 2015  “Guiding a community towards a functioning collective body is never an easy task. The key component for effective leadership within that community is to navigate through contextualisation and relevance. Cambridge Muslim College delivers just that, providing students with both contextualisation in studies and application to the modern context, without losing the flavour of the rich Islamic heritage. It challenged me to discover a new voice that today plays a central role in my line of work, enabling me to think, plan, communicate and engage with absolute confidence.”

1ShamsShams Tameez, Alumnus 2014  Cambridge Muslim College is a doorway into a completely different outlook on the world.  It offers confidence to Muslim students, allowing them to see that Islam is a strong tradition able to stand the test of time.  It affords the student a window into Western intellectual history and its forerunners, which allows one to become acutely aware of one’s context and the background which brought about that context.  I maintain that Cambridge Muslim College is our Ark, which enables the people of faith to sail the murky waters of modernity.”

Qurra Tulain, Alumna 2014  This initiative is not only a profound service for the British Muslim community and th1Qurrae wider community but also a rare treasure for anyone affiliated to it.  My time as a student was an exceptionally beneficial experience and one I will treasure for the rest of my life. Here is the place where I grew as an individual – academically, personally and spiritually. It is the institute where I was honoured with good friends, amongst pious company and met inspiring individuals who allowed me to view the world from a newer and brighter light.”

1QasimQasim Afzal, Alumnus 2014  This one-year, intensive Diploma offers a wealth of knowledge and breadth to its students which aims to send them to new heights.  Now, nearing the end of my first semester of my Master’s programme, I am beginning to come to grips with the vastness of what we covered in the mere space of a year at CMC. Thanks to the sheer calibre of the lecturers I was exposed to, I find that even at Master’s level I am able to not only engage in contemporary debates but confidently contribute to them. Looking forward I see expanded horizons and feel that I have been provided with the tools to make reality what was once a dream.”

Mersih1Mersihaa Hadžiabdić, Alumna 2013  This truly became one of the best experiences in my life, in which I made friends who inspire me and teachers who have, as mentors, shaped my life. Certainly, CMC was a holistic experience that taught me as much about the world as about myself. I benefitted in every possible way: as a student – somebody who seeks knowledge – as a believer, and as a human. CMC equips its students with knowledge to comprehend the reality of our communities and provides them with the tools to face new issues.”

Zakiyah Ga1Zakiyahngat, Alumna 2013  To understand what has changed in this year, it may help to begin with where I am presently: working at a London hospital, with a team of Christian chaplains. I am amazed and grateful at how comfortable I feel in my shoes. I can wholeheartedly say this has been the most satisfying, demanding and intense learning experience I have had since my studies in India.  It delivered beyond my expectations, as I now see myself able to converge my Islamic training with the recent years of academics.”

Rizwan Hussain, Alumnus 2013  “It was a challenging year but one of great benefit, full of barakah and opportunity.  Whatever we have decided to go1Rizwan on to do next, most of us will agree that Cambridge Muslim College was a perfect place to foster our minds and bodies in this critical learning phase.  Albert Einstein once said; ‘Education is what remains, after one has forgotten everything he learnt in school.’ After a year at Cambridge Muslim College, we’ve learnt how to learn, and have been taught not so much what to think, but how to think. And that is the true measure of what this College education stands for.”

1AneesaAneesa Hussain, Alumna 2013  A ray of bright sunshine is the best way to describe life at Cambridge Muslim College. The knowledge acquired here is the best to combine with my background of traditional Islamic learning which also assists students in developing new ways to deliver it all. CMC has given me great role models to follow and continues to inspire me to develop my knowledge further and utilise that knowledge by delivering it to society and for this very reason I would encourage everybody to apply.”

1GhulamGhulam Moyhuddin, Alumnus 2012  Cambridge Muslim College is the missing puzzle piece in my life as a British Muslim. It is the bridge between traditional and modern studies, keeping the balance of Deen and Dunya. It has kindled the passion in me to learn more and has helped me to understand and appreciate others. Being able to participate, question and see first-hand the research of leading, world-class scholars is an opportunity that very few are fortunate to have.”

1NafeesaNafeesa Mistry, Alumna 2012 Cambridge Muslim College helped me to understand and address the realities of the situations that we in the British Muslim community face today. Studying was enjoyable due to the interactive nature of the lessons, the weekly seminars and the trips to various workshops and places of historical significance.  It provided a harmonious atmosphere through collectively bringing together people from all over the country not only both in prayer and in lessons but also in extra-curricular activities. I benefited in knowledge and awareness and improved in interpersonal skills to hold me in good stead for the future.”

1SumayyaSumayyah Bostan, Alumna 2012  My experience has certainly surpassed all my expectations. The varieties of modules are effective in bridging the gap between the traditional Darul Ulum education and modern day secular education. As a student, the location for the college in Cambridge is ideal, giving the opportunity to attend a range of open seminars and events, as well as to visit the University Library. Coming from a background of traditional Islamic learning, the Islamic environment and atmosphere in the college allows one to uphold her values and principles with ease whilst engaging in secular studies, an environment which is rare to find. I would happily stay another year.

1HaseebHaseeb Akhtar, Alumnus 2011  The program is a very useful, intellectually rigorous and enjoyable attempt to make sense of the context of Muslim leadership in Britain. As well as being one of the hardest things I have ever done it has also been one of the most life-expanding and rewarding. As a class we were guided through the unfamiliar waters of political theory, Western intellectual history, science and astronomy. Whilst remaining true to our own tradition we were asked to understand and engage with the changing world around us and reminded that history’s great leaders were above all healers. I would encourage anyone interested in serving the British Muslim community to apply.

1MadihaMadiha Ashraf, Alumna 2011  The Diploma has had a profound impact on my life. As a student at the College one of my favourite modules was Islamic Counselling in which we were introduced to the Islamic model of the ‘self ’. After completing the Diploma, I became a volunteer Muslim Chaplain at the University of Manchester and I am now studying for the Level 2 Islamic Counselling Skills course. With the tawfiq of Allah and the continuous support of my teachers at CMC I feel that I have the ability to work towards my dream of becoming an Islamic Counsellor and a qualified secondary school teacher.

1Muhi UddinMohammed Muhi Uddin, Alumnus 2010  It’s difficult to imagine a better place to be than Cambridge to get one’s first glimpse of academia. The management and staff have done a wonderful job of creating an ethos which appreciates and maintains traditional morals and values in a way that complements contemporary education. The diversity of the modules and the helpfulness of the devoted staff are the perfect complement for individuals who wish to dedicate their efforts and potential to the betterment of their communities and society in general.