1Abdur Rahman1Dr Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera, Research Fellow, 2013-14  “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Unity House on the juxtaposing St. Paul’s Road. Cambridge Muslim College provided a friendly, yet academically enriching and rigorous environment in which to pursue my post-graduate research. A quiet office, peaceful and serene, allowing the mind to fall into deep reflection and thought. Diploma students, who were mostly fresh graduates from the seminaries in the UK and abroad, provided a constant stream of inquiry and invigorating discussion. Above all, the staff and frequent visitors, including activists, academics, researchers, and religious leaders, contributed to the much-needed breadth and diversity, which is crucial to present-day discourse on the place of Islam in Britain and the West. May Allah protect the institution, guide it aright and take it from strength to strength.”


Matthew portrait1Dr Matthew L N Wilkinson, Research Fellow, 2012-13  Cambridge Muslim College is building important bridges between the intellectual cultures of the Islamic tradition and those of the British and western academy at a time when they are much needed. This mission has made the College a suitable and sympathetic host institution for the Curriculum for Cohesion project and has helped us to considerable success in the project’s aims. Cambridge Muslim College is also a harmonious and uplifting environment in which to study and attracts intellectually curious, well-informed and beautifully mannered students to its broad and challenging Diploma course. May Cambridge Muslim College flourish.


1Joel HaywardProfessor Joel Hayward (Yusuf Muhammad), Research Fellow, 2012  I had the honour of being a Fellow of Cambridge Muslim College during 2012 and I have remained an ardent support of the College’s work and vision. No other British Islamic centre of learning is as well placed to produce scholars, thinkers and leaders with a deep knowledge of, and solutions for, the British Muslim community. The College does not benefit only Muslims. With its emphasis on enhancing awareness of cultural, societal, religious and political developments in the UK and the world, the College is helping to foster societal cohesion and inter-civilizational understanding and harmony.


1Fozia BoraDr Fozia Bora, Research Fellow, 2011-12  My interaction with the group of Diploma students became an essential and agreeable aspect of my time here. The students clearly share camaraderie and work in an atmosphere of mutual support; it feels good to be around this diligently studious group, with characteristically open and questioning minds. Years of intensive seminary training leave an obvious and salutary imprint.



1Dr MansurDr Mansur Ali, Research Fellow, 2011-12  My time at Cambridge Muslim College as a post-doctoral fellow was a joyful one. I was given the physical and intellectual space to think and reflect on my research. I also was given the opportunity to sit in some of the lectures delivered by experts in their fields. In addition to this, I taught on some of the modules. I found the students to be engaging and they asked thought-provoking and challenging questions.  My overall experience was further accentuated by two factors. Firstly the wonderful staff who made me feel at home, and secondly the physical working place. Unity house, the Victorian building where the College is situated, with its front garden, interior peppered with green plants and stained-glass window had a mystical awe about it. It was a warm, serene and welcoming environment to work in.