The College is delighted to be partnered with The Centre for Islam and Medicine.  The CiM is a charity aiming to deliver a sustainable stream of collaborative, 1CiMlogoquality research and educational resources on Islam and Medicine, rooted firmly in Islamic scholarship. The Centre hopes to enrich the understanding of healthcare providers, Muslim scholars and the general public, as well as informing policy decisions in relation to healthcare provision.  For further details, visit the CiM’s website here.

We are interested in receiving proposals for other projects that could be of benefit to the Muslim community in the UK and more generally. These proposals should seek to address a particular need of the Muslim community and should contain an abstract, an evidence-based rationale, methodology, timescale, a proposed budget, a list of potential partners and the CVs of the researcher/s. The proposal should not be more than 2,000 words long.  For further information, please contact Yasser Qureshy at: