To maximise the impact of its work and provide long-term stability, the College is building an endowment fund that can be invested to provide regular future income. An endowment will make the College a permanent presence in Cambridge, and its work a permanent benefit for all.

This model of funding is used by other colleges in Cambridge and at many other major universities. It is very similar to the traditional waqf model used in the Muslim world.

The College is also happy to accept sponsorship donations for a particular purpose or to fund specific projects, and to publicly acknowledge these gifts as appropriate. These could include:

  • Scholarships or bursaries for students
  • Development of facilities such as the Library and Research Centre
  • Research projects into a specific topic or area of interest
  • Conferences or symposiums on a specific topic
  • Lectureships or Professorships devoted to teaching and researching particular topics

We would like to express our gratitude to the following foundations and families for sponsoring us in various ways:

  • The Yousef Jameel Academic Programme
  • The DCD Family Trust
  • The Templeton Foundation
  • The Tarmidhi Foundation
  • The Aziz Foundation
  • The National Zakat Foundation
  • The Ahmed family
  • COSARAF Foundation

The College is also grateful to the Nohoudh Foundation which sponsored a symposium on British Muslim History that was held in September 2016.

Since the College is a registered charity, companies and individuals paying higher rate tax can claim appropriate tax relief on any donation. The College will be happy to provide the necessary documentation to assist this, and will also request information from donors to enable us to maintain records required by the Charity Commission.

If you would like to discuss making an endowment donation or supporting a particular aspect of the College’s work, please email