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Cambridge Muslim College is delighted to launch its new Four-Year Programme in Contextual Islamic Studies, a unique course rooted in authentic Islamic scholarship and engaged with the pressing issues of our time. The course will start in September 2016.

The Four-Year Programme focuses in the first year on the intensive study of Classical Arabic, in order to allow students to work with relevant fundamental texts in their original language. This intensive course will be delivered in partnership with Qasid Institute in Amman.

This will lead on to the planned three-year B.A. in Islamic Studies taught at the College, subject to the completion of an external agreement with a major UK university. These three years focus on Islamic Studies through the study of classical texts, drawing most importantly on the core curriculum of the al-Fath Academy (Ma’had al-Fath) in Damascus but also on the programme at al-Azhar University.

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This programme is an exciting and important development for the College’s work, and – we believe and pray – will be equally significant for the Muslim community in the UK and beyond.

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