*Book Launch – Hearts Turn by Michael Sugich* . “Hearts Turn is about that subtle but sometimes neglected dimension of the religion called tawba, which does literally mean ‘turning around’… [I]t’s an important topic, and the fact that [Sugich] presented it not as a tedious, dry academic presentation of the kind that I might attempt, but rather it’s something rooted […]

The second lecture in Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad’s lecture series, Paradigms of Leadership, is now available to listen to, as well as the accompanying reading list.

Radical Love – Professor Omid Safi

Date: Wednesday 27 March, 6pm Venue: Cambridge Muslim College, 14 St. Paul’s Road, Cambridge CB1 2EZ Love-based devotion and poetry have always been at the heart of the Islamic tradition. With the development of the school of Islamic spirituality known as Mazhab-e ‘Eshq (Path of Divine Love), these were elevated to an even higher zenith. This lecture will present some […]

Cambridge Muslim College is pleased to announce a book launch of “A Sublime Way: The Sufi Path of The Sages of Makka” by Shaykh Seraj Hendricks, Dr Hisham Hellyer & Shaykh Ahmad Hendricks. The Hendricks brothers are two of the recognised khulafa’ of Sayyid Muhammad al-Maliki, and resident shaykhs of the Zawiyah Masjid of Cape Town. The three speakers at […]