September 2018

Day 1:

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Dr Yaqub Chaudhary, Research Fellow, Cambridge Muslim College

Conference Welcome Address

Dr Timothy Winter, Dean, Cambridge Muslim College

Introduction to Religion & Science Discourse

Dr Mark Harris, University of Edinburgh

Not Gizmos, but Ghosts: AI and the Mind

Prof. Margaret Boden, University of Sussex

AI, Emotions and the Image of God

Dr David Glass, Ulster University

Artificial Intelligence for Islamic Law Needs to Perform Domain Adaptation 

Abubakar Abid & Efe Akengin, Stanford University

An Analysis of the Strong AI in terms of Two Ontologies

Nazif Muhtaroglu, Bahçeşehir University, Turkey

Knowledge and Fact: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in the Islamic Tradition

Dr Mujeeb Khan, University of Tokyo

Technologies of Hope

Prof. Luciano Floridi, University of Oxford


Day 2:

The Symphony of Soul and Body: Quantum Theory, Duality and Brain Dynamics

Dr Asim Islam

God and the ‘Hard Problem’: Does Religion Need Consciousness to Remain a Mystery

Dr Sarah Lane Ritchie, University of St Andrews

Artificial Intelligence and Theology

Dr Ron Chrisley, University of Sussex

Confronting Conflicting Concepts of Consciousness

Dr Daniel D. De Haan, University of Cambridge


More detailed information on the conference can be found here.