Cambridge Muslim College will be holding two interactive workshops exploring contemporary business and leadership principles integrating cutting-edge research with faith-based enquiry. These two interactive lectures will examine the relevancy of how recent theories from the business world and the practises of its leaders intersect with the ideals of the Islamic tradition.

Lecturer: Dr Ali Gümüsay

Dr Gümüsay is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hamburg and a research fellow at Vienna University of Economics & Business. He is an Associate Member of the Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome, Head of the Advisory Board of the Social Incubator Zahnrader Network, Board Member at the Concordia Forum, academic board member at Ramsa, Board Member at AIWG & Non-Executive Director at Oxademy.


9 November, 2 – 4pm – Theories of Leadership

10 November, 10 – 12pm – Role of Business & Management Models

Venue: Cambridge Muslim College, 14 St. Paul’s Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EZ

Cost: £20 each, £30 for both workshops